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    GADDMAN's app


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    GADDMAN's app

    Post by gaddman on Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:29 am

    In-game name:GADDMAN

    Favorite Game Mode:Tdm/hq

    Friend Code:3212-8908-6500

    Level and Prestige:lvl 51 (got gold gun 4 everything on PC tho (cause there are no prestige on computer))

    Guns you use:1:probs main one is G36C - purely for the mobility and damage (this is for normal games) i have the perks, bandoleer, overkill and matry for my second weapon i have a Lmg, basically for runnin into a room and spaming bullets Very Happy i have matry cause i always run into enemy lines and a few kills when i am dead can always help Very Happy and obv flash grenade (me likey lob in faces)
    I use this one for normal TDM's

    2: my second weapon set is what i call an assault sniper. It is a G3 with dot sight with the perks, rpgx2 (for those pesky helis and people who want rockets in there faces), stopping power ( for increased damage obv) and deep impact for again increased bullet damage Very Happy. Also i use a smoke bomb for this cause a little bit of cover never hurt anyone.
    I use this for games where there is a place to capture so i can make base and camp (which is defending!!) the target.

    3:this is my sniping weapon set - use this probs the least - its got a Dragunov as the sniper (basically cause it is high powered and if u miss you can shoot straight away after) I have claymores (obviously) and perks are, stopping power and deep impact again this is so when i hit i hit harrd!

    4:this is my hardcore weapon set: it includes an M4 (for its mobility and low recoil so it hits often. i attach this with a red dot.perks include frag x3 (boom boom boom), sonic boom, (to give my grenades a little umph!)and the last one is steady aim, just so i can shave a few milliseconds of seeing someone and shooting him in the face. Very Happy

    5:i leave this one open so if i see a guy pwning with a gun i aint got then i go on this and see what its like Very Happy

    Perks: sed up there ^^

    Previous Clans (if any): was gonna try out for CQC but then everyone left for here

    How did you find this clan? Lots of people left CQC to join so i figured, what the heck...

    btw... i am english so can be a bit slow sometimes (in the head) Very Happy

    Last edited by gaddman on Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:43 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : wasnt perfect - now it is :D)

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    Re: GADDMAN's app

    Post by gaddman on Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:41 am

    Type of player:Assult / heavy gunner
    Reason Of Joining:be in a good clan wiv nice ppl
    Do you play with us: not atm but hopefully yes
    Should we let you:i dont see why not
    Do you think you are a good team player:yup, neva let a man down - unless he is suicidal (raschy)
    KDR:0.68 (pretty shite i know Very Happy)
    How Active are you:quite active - will have some exams next year so might need to revise
    Additional Info:*not had the game for long so still gettin used to the controls but i had a 2.1 kd ratio on PC so i can only get better on the wii Very Happy

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    Re: GADDMAN's app

    Post by [RoT]Penguin on Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:50 pm

    Hey Gaddman.... This is the World at War forums.... go to that is the Modern Warfare forums. Please go in there and post your application... thanks

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    Re: GADDMAN's app

    Post by gaddman on Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:41 pm

    whoops Very Happy

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    Re: GADDMAN's app

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