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    Tea Bagginz's Application.

    [RoT] Tea Bagginz

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    Tea Bagginz's Application.

    Post by [RoT] Tea Bagginz on Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:59 pm

    In-game name:Tea Bagginz (i dont tea bag just a fun name i came up with)

    Favorite Game Mode:Hardcore Team Deathmatch.

    Friend Code:133361707541

    Level and Prestige:level 22 first level of prestige ( i have prestiged once.)

    Do you T-Bag?:No, unsportsmanlike.

    If you answered no, will you start?:No I will not.

    Guns you use:At the moment because of prestige, mp40, gewehr 43, m1 garand. When i have all weapons i use mostly m1a1 carbine, gewehr 43, stg, ppsh-41.

    Perks:most used is bouncing betties, flamethrower, stopping power, sleight of hand, extreme conditioning, and sometimes second chance.

    Previous Clans (if any):None.

    How did you find this clan? Played against you in the past.
    Thanks you for your time and please accpet me after i tryout i hope to impress you at RoT


    Re: Tea Bagginz's Application.

    Post by Guest on Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:34 am

    Keep checking the chat room for a member with the RoT tag and they can give you a tryout. Be fore warned that this is a NO glitch/hack clan and that will not be tolerated. No RG's unless you are being RG'ed and stay ABOVE ground !!!! I hope you do well, Good Luck !!!


    Re: Tea Bagginz's Application.

    Post by Guest on Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:49 am

    And another thing to add to that, is that although it isn't neccesarily a rule, we don't like our members spamming with flamethrowers. Fx (leader) said in past that it's fine to have a flamethrower in one of your classes, just don't use it every game Wink

    Apart from that, welcome!

    For the tryout blitz mentioned, try getting into the chatbox at around 6pm eastern, onwards. You should find some people then Wink


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    Re: Tea Bagginz's Application.

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